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BOOKING OFFICER                Maureen Cheeseman          01621 788433

CHAIRMAN                             Anton Jermy                        01621 788538

VICE CHAIRMAN                    Catherine Brown                  01621 788488

SECRETARY                           Catherine Brown                  01621 788488

TREASURER                           Steve Clarke                        01621 788246


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Wed 27th Mar – Film Club: First Man

First Man is a fact-based movie about legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong. It’s set during the tumultuous decade leading up to Armstrong’s historic Apollo 11 moon mission. Ryan Gosling stars as Armstrong, the smart, brave, determined, extremely stoic engineer-pilot-astronaut who persevered to eventually become the first person to walk on the moon. While he’s still flying planes in the Mojave desert, Neil is hired to officially join NASA’s space program in Houston. There, he and his wife Janet befriend the other astronauts, like Ed White, Elliott See and Jim Lovell as the men embark on often dangerous missions leading up to the race to the moon.  Along the way, he and NASA must weather life-threatening situations including mission failures, dangerous test flights, and even the death of valued team members.

Genre: Drama
Cert: PG-13

Advance bookings only please. To book your place for this or any other advertised film ring Debbie 01621 788709, Barbara 01621 788327 or Jill 01621 788738

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