Maldon Salt join the list of funders

March 2019

The Village Hall Management Committee is delighted to be able to announce that the Maldon Salt Company has joined our partnership of funding organisations. This means we are now able to plan the physical commencement of the Improvement Project on a sound financial footing. It is incredibly rewarding to know that this company of international acclaim, with its saltworks in the Parish, has recognised the hard work and support of the whole village and the importance of this Project to the wellbeing of the community.

This news comes at the same time as we can announce another two funding partners the Foyle Foundation and most recently the Garfield Weston Foundation.  We are delighted that these organisations have joined with us and our other funding partners namely the Big Lottery Fund, Charles S French Charitable Trust, The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation, Fowler Smith and Jones Trust, Goldhanger Parish Council, Essex County Council Community Initiatives Fund and of course Tesco (but frustratingly the result of the Tesco blue tokens vote will only be known later this month).

BUT the financial support of all these organisations for our village project in an incredibly competitive arena has been made possible by the magnificent support of the community of Goldhanger – a BIG THANK YOU to everyone.

We plan to start the building works with our Contractor, Aquanera Construction from Tiptree on 8thApril and expect the work to be finished in August. Watch this space for details of the Official Opening!!

Please note: While scaffolding is being erected and asbestos roof slates are being removed, for Health and Safety reasons, the Permissive Footpath through the grounds of the Village Hall will be closed from and including 23rd April until 10th May and again while scaffolding is being dismantled from and including 4th until 7th Jun

We have notified all hirers of the Hall about restrictions on use. Access from Head Street to and from Marigold Wood via the permissive footpath will be maintained normally although there may be short closures for health and safety reasons.

We will of course keep everyone informed of progress as we go along.

A HUGE thank you to everyone for your amazing ‘blue token’ endeavours during January & February. We are still waiting to hear the results 🤞🏼 but just wanted to thank you ALL for such community dedication! 💙