Health & Safety Policy

Goldhanger Village Hall Management Committee

Health & Safety Policy


Goldhanger Village Hall Management Committee (the Committee) has drawn up this policy to set out procedures and areas of responsibility to ensure in so far as it can the health and safety of users of the Village Hall.

The Committee is responsible for running the Village Hall and recognises its duty to ensure the safety of people using it.

Monitoring of Health and Safety
It is the duty of all hirers, users and visitors to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their activities and to co-operate with the Committee in keeping the premises, including the grounds, safe and fit for purpose.
Should anyone using the Hall come across a fault, damage or other situation which might cause injury and which cannot be rectified they should inform the Caretaker as soon as possible so the problem can be dealt with. Where Village Hall equipment is damaged that damage should be reported to the Caretaker.** (see below) The Caretaker should inform the Committee Chairman.

Mitigation of Risk
To mitigate risk the Committee takes the following steps:
• To discuss and report on Health and Safety at every meeting of the Committee
• To carry out a full Risk Assessment every year or sooner if deemed necessary by the Committee
• Ensure that there is a copy of the current Health and Safety Policy published on the Village Hall website
Hazardous substances/materials that must not be used in the Village Hall are:
• Flammable liquids
• Naked flames including candles and fireworks
Preventative and protective measures must be taken in accordance with the Health and Safety Policy as follows:
• Smoking is forbidden inside the Hall
• Storage of combustible material near a source of ignition is not permitted
• Emergency exits and routes to them must be kept clear/unlocked at all times
• Appropriate Fire Fighting Equipment to be provided
• Fire Equipment to be maintained and checked annually

Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Electrical safety
The following must be adhered to:
• Electrical appliances must not be left unsupervised when in operation
• Plug sockets must not be overloaded
• Should users/hirers want to bring electrical appliances onto the premises they must make the Caretaker aware of this in advance. The users/ hirers are responsible for ensuring that the appliances meet safety standards
• Electrical equipment showing signs of damage, exposure of components, water damage etc must not be touched or operated
• Users have a responsibility to ensure that all electrical appliances are shut off and where possible unplugged when leaving the Hall
• Trailing wires or cables are a trip hazard and should be taped down with appropriate high visibility “hazard” tape.

The Hall has central heating. Should users suspect any malfunction then the heating system should not be used and the Caretaker should be informed immediately. Users are responsible for ensuring that the heating is turned off, via the thermostat only, when leaving the premises. In the colder winter months, the Caretaker may give instructions to leave the heating on at a minimum temperature between hires.
Users must not allow children to adjust the heating at any time.

The Hall is cleaned and safety checked on a regular basis. However, every user has a responsibility to ensure that the Hall is left clean and tidy.
All users must use the rubbish bins and recycling bins. Any major spillage, damage or accident should be reported to the Caretaker. Food, drink, bottles and perishable items must be taken away at the end of each hire.
The grounds outside and frontage of the Hall must be kept clear of litter.

As the Hall is situated in a residential area, users should be considerate and keep noise levels to a minimum. Playing any form of music, whether live or recorded, must be kept to an acceptable level and must cease at 11.30pm unless otherwise authorised by the Committee. Users should also be considerate when leaving the Hall.

Parking in the grounds of the Hall is limited and at the users’ risk. Do not obstruct driveways or block the road.
Fire Evacuation Procedures

The hirer is deemed the “Responsible Person” and is designated the person in charge of the Hall during the period of hire.
The Responsible Person is strongly advised to record the name of each person attending the event (see step 1. Roll Call).

1. In the event of a Fire, the Responsible Person shall instruct all persons to leave the building using the nearest available Emergency Exit and to muster together as soon as possible at the front of the Village Hall. A Roll Call shall be taken.

2. No matter how small the fire, THE FIRE BRIGADE MUST BE CALLED ON 999 giving the address: Goldhanger Village Hall, Head Street, Goldhanger, Maldon, Essex CM9 8AY

3. The Responsible Person shall ensure that once the Hall is vacated, members of the public do not re enter the building under any circumstances.

4. On the arrival of the Fire Brigade, the Responsible Person shall inform the Officer in Charge that a Roll Call has been taken and all persons are safe/there are missing persons.

5. Attempts to extinguish the outbreak of the fire with the fire fighting equipment within the Hall should only be attempted if it is considered safe to do so.

6. As soon as the foregoing steps have been carried out the Responsible Person shall inform the Caretaker. The Caretaker shall directly inform a Committee member.

Accident Reporting Procedure
The following must be reported to the Caretaker and an Accident Report Form (kept in the kitchen) must be duly completed:
• A death or injury
• A dangerous occurrence
• Any injury that results in a member of the public having to be taken to hospital.
In the event of an emergency, the nearest hospital is:
Broomfield Hospital
Court Road
Essex CM1 7ET
01245 362000
A copy of the Certificate of Insurance is displayed on the Notice Board inside the Hall.

** As of July 2021 there is no named Caretaker. All reporting to be made either through the form on the Bookings page or to the Booking Officer or Treasurer (details can be found on the Contacts page).

Goldhanger Village Hall
Health & Safety Policy
Revised 21/05/2014